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Analysis and requirements

At CreäSavia, our analysts work to fully understand the needs that the solution you want to design must meet, and they clearly outline the business rules that will describe the functional and non-functional requirements in order to convert everything into a language that will be understood by the development team.


partnership and expertise for adapted technology

The key to your transformation

Our method combines technical expertise and a collaborative approach. In close interaction with you, we transform business rules into software specifications, thus guaranteeing solutions perfectly aligned with your strategic and operational objectives.

navigate your way to success with precision and clarity

The GPS of your project

Think of the requirements as the GPS guiding your software project. They describe the business rules that guide your business and ensure that each functionality developed contributes effectively to achieving your business objectives, thus guaranteeing strategic alignment and seamless realization of your vision.

Meticulous analysis is essential.It sheds light on the complex paths of business processes, guaranteeing adapted and efficient software solutions.



Accurate vision is crucial. It makes it possible to discern essential needs, directing development towards truly adapted and relevant solutions.

Clear requirements lead to success. They eliminate ambiguities, facilitate development and ensure alignment with business objectives.


nglobal understanding for optimal performance

The Importance of the Requirements

Functional requirements define what your software should do, while non-functional requirements determine how it should do it. This distinction is essential for developing solutions that are not only efficient but also robust, secure and scalable.

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