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CreäSavia combines cutting-edge expertise and innovation to reinvent your IT infrastructure. We are committed to designing IT architectures adapted to your needs and aligned with your strategic ambitions. 


innovative architecture, sustainable solutions

Our services

Development of architecture adapted to your needs and ambition. There are a large number of software architectures that each offer varied advantages while also having associated costs. It is therefore crucial to choose the right approach based on functional and non-functional needs, the expertise of existing resources, the complexity and size of the project, the technological complexities linked to the project, the costs associated with implementation and several other factors.

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The Importance of making the right architectural choices

A robust IT architecture is essential, forming the foundation of all systems and applications. At CreäSavia, we build architectures that ensure performance, security and scalability, enabling businesses to adapt to market changes, manage data effectively and optimize operational efficiency. 

The software architecture must be scalable and efficient, ensuring rapid response even under heavy load, thus guaranteeing an optimal user experience.



Choosing a flexible architecture makes updates and maintenance easier, reducing costs and increasing software longevity.

A robust architecture must prioritize security, protecting data against threats while meeting essential compliance standards.


let's shape the future, one architecture at a time.

Our approach

Our advisors will be able to support you through the process of architectural selection, understanding needs, developing architectural requirements through the evaluation of possible architecture, development of prototype and proof of concept until the implementation of this architecture.

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